Buffadero Range, Gibraltar

Military use of the Rock

Patriot constructed this range for The British Ministry of Defence inside of some former gun emplacements. The range is constructed within the 19th century 100 ton gun battery & WWII era supply & personnel tunnels within "the rock".

At one time the gun emplacements provided defense to "the Crown" with the 100 ton cannon and later more conventional weapon types were used for the Allied defenses, submarine hunting and in Operation Felix, Hitler's ill-fated plan to seize Gibraltar in 1941.

The range was a challenge to install, as there was no available electricity at the site. It was required that we bring one of the M.O.D electrical generators to the range to supply the HVAC system. One of the tasks in hauling an electrical generator to the top of the rock was to find a truck that could pull a 15 ton generator up the steep road inclines. The only trucks available, including the military rovers & defender rigs were incapable of hauling so much weight uphill.

The solution in getting 15 tons of equipment to 1,200 ft above the sea, while inclined at 20 to 35 degrees was to utilize a jet aircraft tug. Although this may appear a bit unusual, the end result provided the generator for the range & HVAC.

Range HVAC ductwork
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