Hunting Valley, OH.

Sound-proof acoustic handling

In one of the most picturesque places in Ohio sits the Hunting Valley Police Department. The HVPD range is complete with our Hercules monorail moving target systems. The range has a heated & air conditioned recirculation air system and something that no other range has.......sound-proofing. Yes, the HVPD range is just that!

During the initial design phase the police department requested that Patriot provide a better acoustical handling for this range. This presented an opportunity to produce a range with such acoustic handling that it is virtually "sound-proof". The range at Hunting Valley is actually a room within a room. The range has vibration isolation dampened mounts for the walls, ceilings and equipment. The structural portion of the facility has additional acoustic coatings plus an additional partition between the building and the range.

The end result is a range that is so quiet, that no other personnel are even aware that the range is in use.

Firing Line without stalls. Barricades only

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