2 Lanes & running man in 12 feet?

It is true. Located within a converted church, The Hillside Village Hall & Police complex has a new rifle ready firearms range. The village hall was converted from an old church in 2003 and now houses the village's main administration and police department. The range is unique in the sense that it is only twelve (12) feet wide, but has a lateral target system to interact with its two (2) standard Hercules monorail systems. This provides a great degree of firearms training flexibility.

The range is complete with a direct fired purge air system and was a challenge to install in this environment as it is located on the third floor. The mechanical system was dis-assembled so that it could be transported to the new range mechanical room.

The range lateral (running man) target actually exits the range when not in use. The Hercules monorail target system includes a removable type partition & barricade. There is integrated (wave) sound and red / blue emergency lighting as well.

Tim with S&W 500

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