Ballistic Rubber Block Bullet Traps

Patriot Range Technologies VBT-4-12-24S Pac Block Ballistic Blocks are made from a composite of urethane adhesive, silicone and recycled vulcanized rubber products (primarily recycled machinery and automotive tires). The elasticity of our blocks allows for and provides superior durability and flexibility to passing projectiles. The compounding friction coefficient exerted by each block acts to slow and stop both pistol and rifle rounds.

Blocks are designed to interlock from left to right. The VBT-4-12-24S Pac blocks provide the perfect bullet trap system when bullet trap depth is an issue. These blocks achieve a level # 3 N.I.J rating in just one stacked course. Level # 4 N.I.J is achieved in just 2 stacked courses. Course designation is the block material depth of 12 inches, with a minimum height of 16 inches (4units).

PAC Block bullet trap

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