Metallic Bullet Traps

M-18 bullet trap front view

The M-18 is an eighteen-degree trap with AR 500 armor primary impact plates. The M-18 is designed to accept all small arms projectiles, other than dedicated armor piercing type rounds. The M-18 bullet trap is designed with multiple "spent projectile" recovery configurations.

The Rangetech M-18 bullet trap is our greatest contribution into the high velocity projectile containment arena. The M-18 is designed to accept most, non-armor piercing, high velocity bullets. The M-18 trap retains all of the best features evident in all of our M series (45, 35 & 22) traps.

The 18 designation, in M-18, is the primary impact plate angle from the horizon. Eighteen degrees provides an excellent deflection surface for all small caliber projectiles, especially high velocity.

Bullet trap rear

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