USNA Annapolis, MD

16 Lanes for rifle & pistol. Go Navy!

The Naval Academy range is located in historic Bancroft Hall. The range is comprised of two (2) eight lane 50' deep ranges and is used by both USNA pistol and rifle teams. Patriot design and installed this facility to accommodate the Navy's need to shoot at 10 meters and at 50 feet. Our target system was custom built to provide both metric & imperial distance modes. Each range can be operated independently, or can be switched to combine both ranges under one controller console.

The Environment at USNA is coastal (Chesapeake Bay) and has a high level of salt in the environment. The Patriot target system was designed to withstand this, by resisting corrosive action of the environment.

The Range HVAC is a standard purge type Patriot system, utilizing our Radial Diffuser system that does not hinder the view from the observation gallery.

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