Ballistic Tiles

Ballistic Tile is 100% rubber, free from wire & fibers and made from recycled car tires. Insulation and superior durability while slowing pistol and rifle rounds Ballistic Tile is standard for Military Training, Law Enforcement, Gun Clubs, Security, Firing Ranges to reduce ricochet & noise levels.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 24 X 24 X (to 2) Weight 22-37 lbs. Wear Index 657 Noise Reduction Coefficient .8 to 1.12 Tear Strength Durability 124 Ibf/ln & PSI Avg. Dual Durometer Resistance 55/75 Average Coefficient of Friction Approx. 0.65 Dry Approx. 0.63 Wet Thermal Conductivity 1.071 BTU-in (h-Ft2 F) Thermal Resistance 1.42 F-Ft h/BTU Color Black or Gray

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