Bell City Rifle & Pistol Club. Southington, CT

Bell City range

The Bell City Rifle range presented a very challenging situation to our range ventilation design. The Bell City range had just installed a new air ventilation system that could not provide a proper air volume, or flow. The problem was determined to be an undersized make up air unit that was already at capacity. It would be suggested to replace the unit with a more capable component. The reality of the installation location was that there was no posibility of increasing the make up air unit capacity or size, due to limited electrical service availability. The installed unit was as big as would fit at that location.

Patriot needed to provide a solution that could utilize the current installation. Our solution was to redesign the supply duct, distribution and internal shell of our Radial Diffuser unit.

When were finished the final results showed that the airflow volume was only 60% of the NIOSH design, but the airflow was even. The finl analysis concluded that there was no potential or actual exposure to the range user. The summary of this example provides analytical proof of operational compliance without comprimise.

Range supply air duct right side

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