Single Lane Controller

COMMERCIAL RANGE LANE CONTROLLER The merger of high tech law enforcement and basic commercial range systems.Patriot / Rangetech’s commercial system provides the expected accuracy of premium police systems, with the simplicity and cost of commercial target systems. This new system can be incorporated with both monorail and trolley wire systems. Targets are easily deployed to the desired distance by a four-button keypad. Simply select distance (Forward or Back), and MOVE. Target will move to that distance, accurately. Retrieval occurs at the touch of the home button. Monorail systems have on board target illumination.After target has returned home the digital display “ flashes” the previous target distance. By depressing the MOVE button, the target will return to that previous distance. This system can be grouped to run from one single master unit. Distances can be initially set in increments of feet meters or yards. Can be installed in standard stall units.

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