Hercules Target Carrier

The Patriot Range Technologies LLC "Hercules" Target Carrier was designed, in part, with help from the NRA. The "Hercules" is the only monorail target system that meets the demanding needs of the NRA range in Fairfax, VA. The "Hercules" cable-less monorail target system is a fully armored device, capable of withstanding frontal impacts from all handguns, light center fire rifle and shotguns. All turning and propulsion motors are contained within the armored body of the carrier and are not susceptible to any bullet strikes. Additionally, the carrier is completely self-propelled, therefore it does not reply on drive cables, whisker wires, or external buss wires to operate. The carrier contains its own variable intensity on-board light source for target lighting.

Carrier has an internal 10 ga. Aluminum frame to house and mount all power, drive and information components. Drive motor is rated for 6 - 90 VDC. Speeds are adjustable from .3 - 14 feet per second. The exterior shell is a 16 gauge cold roll steel cover. In addition the Target turning motor rotates the target back and forth in either direction to display;

  • Friend (face left)
  • Edge (conceal)
  • Foe (face right)

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