Removable Range Stall

Removable stall has the same overall dimensions and appearance as our standard (RP-SS-32-STD) shooting stall. The removable stall provides the expected performance of a shooting partition plus the benefit of an open fire line. Stall partition allows use of swing barricade and table. Stall partitions can be configured in non-ballistic, Level #3 and #4. Stall is easily removed by loosening the wing nuts, lifting the stall retaining bracket, located on the control pod, and then tipping stall away from pod. Stall is removed from by lifting the unit from guide(The holes in the floor). Stall may be moved to a storage area location.

Detachable Stall

Firing line with stall removed allows for unhindered movement of shooter.

Installed stall with barricade in position and lane without.

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