Mount Prospect Police Range

The Mount Prospect Police Range is regular "tin man". Just like in the wizard of OZ story, the tin man was not made all at once, but a piece at a time. So is the story of the MPPD range.

In 2003, Patriot removed an old "venetian blind" type bullet trap and installed our Envirostop granular rubber bullet trap.

In 2005, Patriot installed a new HVAC system that included our Radial Air Diffuser & DDC control products. With the new trap & air system, and in 2008, We installed four (4) lanes of our Hercules cable-less monorail target system, infra red remote control and our computerized lighting console with addressed lane lighting. The lighting control allows each lane to operate its individual target points from 0 to 99% light intensity, via the range application. Lighting values can change within 1/2 second for greater realism in combat environments. With this compliment to the range, The Mount Prospect Police Department now has world-class ultra advanced firearms training capabilities.

No more need to see the wizard!! This range already has heart.

Firing Line without stalls

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