U.S Navy Recruit Training Center Great Lakes, IL

For the new RTC training facility, Patriot was tasked to provide two (2) training facilities with firing line space for eighteen (18) trainees each. Personnel safety was a paramount consideration for this facility, as was energy efficiency.

We were able to provide energy recovery via air to air exchangers in a purge type ventilation system (The navy has required that their ranges do not use recirculation methods under the Military Handbook 1027 and later UFC 4-160-01). Utilizing the base's steam system, we were able to provide the needed heating for the ranges and provide an energy efficiency of 68-70%.

The range targeting system is our Independence / Hercules series. This system is computer controlled and has integrated sound for all training commands and safety procedures. The range staging area is properly lighted and maintains two lines for safety & instructor personnel.

The bullet trap is our M-18 steel escalator. This trap is rated for level # 4 N.I.J (National Institute of Justice) and will stop a .50 cal BMG round. Projectile recovery is by automated conveyor to a single point collection chamber. Cycling is timed to range operation so the conveyor never becomes overburdened.

Range staging area & viewing gallery
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