NRA Range. Fairfax, VA

In 2002, The NRA range manager was seeking target equipment companies that could provide a target system that would withstand the incredible use & punishment exhibited at the NRA range. Since the original installation in 1995, the NRA range was plagued with excessive repair, replacement, and down time from their cable-drive target system. The NRA range is 50 yards deep. This environment is very demanding on an archaic cable drive system. It was time to make a change.

The NRA range manger made it clear that the targeting system will need to be robust and will need to work with the demands placed on it (seven (7) days each week with twelve (12) hours of daily operation by law enforcement and beginner users alike). After a carefully executed selection process, The NRA contracted Patriot to replace their range system, without any down time.

In October of 2002, we began installation of our Independence / Hercules monorail target system. All work was performed at night. We would remove two (2) lanes each night and replace each one by morning's opening. This process took only one week and the NRA had no revenue loss during the process.

After three years of successful operation, and two awards for outstanding achievement by NRA management, we reconfigured the range and transformed it from 12 lanes at 50 yards to 15 lanes at 50 yards.

Range before

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