Patriot is a full service firearms range systems developer. We have 20 years of industry experience in targeting, ballistic and HVAC systems. We are the originators of the Independence & Hercules target systems. These target systems are a cable-less monorail type. Being cable-less means that they do not rely on a cable drive for movement. The very platform of the cable-less monorail target system has been proven in military, police and commercial ranges, worldwide.

Patriot is also the inventor of the radial air diffuser system. This is the system specified the U.S Department of Defense and the GSA. This system is the only air system that provides a genuine even airflow in the range environment.

Our bullet traps range from the metallic M-18 bullet trap to the Envirostop granular rubber bullet trap. We also offer a composite rubber block PAC block bullet trap. Ballistic ratings range from level # 2 to # 4 N.I.J (National Institute of Justice).

What separates Patriot from the others is that Patriot's product line is truly "in house". Our products are of a greater quality & technology, designed and manufactured by us. We maintain our own installation and maintenance personnel and can provide architectural & engineering services for our customers.

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