Patriot began as a range ventilation system design outfit in 1990. Our original name was Rangetech International Corporation. One of our goals was to provide the greatest live fire technology to law enforcement & military. The most popular & famous of our HVAC product line is the Radial Diffuser air delivery device. The Radial diffuser is the best air delivery system device available for firearms ranges. It has applications in hospital surgical suites too.

The target system companies of the day were unwilling to produce a target system with any technology. In 1993, we created the Independence target system. This system was superior in technology, reliability and function over other systems in the market.

Our independence target systems are the only monorail type target carrier available with a closed rail and a cable-less drive system (cable-less monorail Target). Other technological advances include an on-board lighting system, integrated sound (public address) emergency flashing lights, and remote control.

After creating our own target system, we ventured into bullet traps. Those are the M-18 bullet trap, the Envirostop granular rubber bullet trap, and the Pac rubber block bullet trap. We design & implement sound attenuation, lighting, recycling and energy saving systems for ranges. The successes of our products lead us to be the systems choice of the U.S Navy, U.S Mashal Service, National Rifle Association, British Ministry of Defence, as well as police agencies.

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