Zeroed In Range Indoor Gun & Archery Range

Recirculation Air with Heat and Cool

Zeroed in is an eight lane commercial range within a sporting goods store. The initial design called for energy efficiency on a practical budget. In the commercial realm, the range HVAC will be active at all times during business hours. The cost of energy will be borne by the facility owners, whether the range is occupied or not. With the energy costs being what they are, it was apparent that the re-circulating air system would be the proper fit.

By implementing this system, we were able to include a 30 ton chiller unit to provide air conditioning. Actual energy costs were measured at $560 per month, as opposed to $1,580 per month on a similar facility with a standard direct fired purge type system. The energy savings of over $ 1,000 per month equate to real savings to the owner.

  • 8 lanes w/ target carriers
  • Target carriers are state-of-the-art and give you 900 different kinds of scenarios
  • Archery range is full 3-D course that has an elevated shot of 16 feet
  • NRA certified firearms instructors
  • League shooting
  • Excellent Ventilation w/ State of the art air filtration
  • Training classes held monthly
  • Gun & Archery shop for all your shooting needs
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Zeroed In Sign
Zeroed In Facility
Zeroed In Den
Range Preparation
Range Lanes
HVAC System
Range Retail Store
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