U.I.C Police Range

The U.I.C Range is located in the Historic Chicago Police Maxwell Station. Built in 1888, the Maxwell Street Station is most famous as the police station from the 1980's hit television show, Hill Street Blues.

The range is built in the original stable area that once served to house the police department's horse & wagon, the police pursuit vehicle of the day. The range is a five (5) position 25 yard unit with a composite rubber block bullet trap that can accept all small arms projectile types. The range has a full combat wall system for realistic scenario based firearms training. The range also has an auxiliary function red & blue light system, integrated sound (WAVE file) from the master console and a hand-held remote control to operate all range functions.

One of the design considerations for Patriot was to use the existing hot & chilled water resources available at U.I.C's central plant. We were able to do so by implementing a recirculation type air system. This type of system provides great energy efficiencies (72% or better) and offers the summertime range users a bonus of air conditioning (cooling). .

Although the fictional Captain Furillo and Sgt. Belker are no longer here to greet, or call you "dog breath", The station can boast that its firearms range provides a class "A" training environment and that it is an actual rifle rated indoor range in Chicago.

943 W. Maxwell Street

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