Glenview Police Range. Glenview, IL

Large with room for vehicles

The Glenview Police range is almost forty (40') feet wide. This layout is typical of our range designs, however this was constructed to permit actual vehicles into the range area. The intent is to provide a greater situational training to law enforcement personnel, giving each officer the ability to conduct real life training aspects by including their patrol vehicle into the scenarios of traffic & felony stops, parking lot and domestic incidents..

The Glenview range includes our HVAC & environmental control, our Hercules target systems, as well as two of our computerized lateral running man systems. The integration of our computerized lighting control allows multiple lighting scenarios & changes to it within a blink of an eye.

Communications include wireless two-way integrated radio & public address to the master console. The finished system produces an advanced awareness in the police officer, which is the desired assett to insure the public safety.

Glenview Police Station

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